12V relay issues

Hi, is anyone else using the relay plugin with a 12V power supply? I added one, following the pinch valve instructions, but when I turn the relay on it cycles on off. Also the stirrer fan is a lot louder despite calibration then setting the RPM to 200. It does look like 200 RPM (16 revs in ~4¼s) but sounds around twice as loud as normal…

Hi @Martin - by default the relay plugin will try to time itself to avoid OD readings (we call it dodging) since often the relay is controlling something that will affect the OD readings (like a pinch valve letting gas into the tank). If OD readings is turned on, then this dodging behaviour is active. You can turn it off by changing the config enable_dodging_od to 0 (under [relay.config]) in your config.ini.

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Brilliant, thanks @CamDavidsonPilon do you think we’re safe to leave the 12v plugged in given the increased stirrer fan noise?

Probably - if it sounds reasonable, it should be fine. If it sounds like it’s grinding, or excessively loud, something else may be going on.

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