Active experiment tag

Seperating active experiments from the completed experiments in the drop down menu can get difficult when one creates many experiments.

Would it be possible to have a tag to distinguish active experiments from the rest of the experiments created? Perhaps, similar to green dot showing the Pioreactor being active?

Thanks for the suggestion. The current system defines an active experiment as “>= 1 Pioreactor is assigned to it” and partitions the dropdown list based on that. Do your completed experiments still have assigned Pioreactors? Would you prefer a different definition of “active experiment?”

Currently, I have the software vesion 24.5.22, so perhaps the new version took care of this suggestion?

To be clear, what I mean is illustrated really well in the picture below:

In this case, the active experiments are (from the top):

  1. Elisa_meth_pre_M9_met (Exp 1)
  2. CNx005-3-Pio-Experiment (Exp 2)
  3. Elisa_CN_turbidostat (Exp 5)
  4. DanielB-03 (Exp 14)

However, as you can see, there are some experiments which do not have any assigned Pioreactors, but still partitioned before the active experiments. Perhaps due to naming?

Hence, I thought having more illustrative tag might make it easier to distinguish.

Oh, in any later version, this is updated to partition experiments:

(Do not judge me on these experiment names :joy:)

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Okay this update makes everything perfectly clear!

Cannot even If I want to… as it can be seen we are ahead of you on that matter :smiley: