Cannot access UI through pioreactor.local

Hi everyone,

I am trying to access the user interface (UI) through pioreactor.local. However I cannot connect to the server if I do not connect through using the <leader_name>.local.

This occured after I accidentally added two leaders into my cluster by using the method in my last topic Export Data: Workers.

After the incident, I:

  1. Flashed and created a new leader SD Card (local access)
  2. Converted one of the leaders to worker (so there is only one leader in the local access cluster)
  3. Removed the old network credentials from all works
  4. Updated all the pioreactors to 24.3.10
  5. Rebooted all the workers and confirmed that domain_alias=pioreactor.local

Additional information, I can also access to the UI through IP address, and my colleague who has her own cluster close to my clusters cannot access to her cluster through using pioreactor.local either. Hence, perhaps this is a late update bug?

Let me know if anyone encountered a similar issue or have an idea of the potential cause?

In advance, thanks for help!

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Actually, you’re the second user who mentioned this in the past day! I’ll investigate locally.

oh actually I found the bug. I’ll report back shortly with a fix (should be easy).

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The problem has to do with some new logic added to pio (you can’t run pio as root anymore), and permissions. Try copy-pasting the following file to your leader’s Pi: · GitHub

And run it with:

sudo bash

You should only need to run ^ once. I think that’ll solve the problem.

Thanks for the quick response Cameron!

So I did as suggested:

  1. Created an script file
  2. Ran ´sudo bash´

Now, i can access using pioreactor.local. However, the overview window does not appear fully, even after refreshing the page. I checked and it does appear fully when accessed through <leader_name>.local.

I am not sure if this has anything to do with the provided script!

hm hm hm - try a hard-refresh (ctrl-shirt-r or cmd-shift-r)? Can you open up your browser’s js console and see if there are any weird errors?

JS Console output:

However, I assume this has nothing to do with the situation as, the same output is also present with <leader_name>.local

So check your config.ini - did you change any values under []? It should look like

# show/hide cards on the PioreactorUI dashboard
# 1 is show, 0 is hide

Is any data missing from the charts, too?

The values are the same as yours:

No, the charts are supposed to be empty as no experiment was run to this point.

I am not sure if it will be helpful but when I minimize the screen, I can see the side information appearing again:

haha okay, that’s weird. Sounds like a browser issue with Edge (I’ve not tested on Edge before). I’ll investigate now, but yea, sounds unrelated to http://pioreactor.local access.


Just downloaded Google Chrome to test, and voilà:

Hey Cameron, Thanks for this! Just to let you know, after coming back to work this monday I was not able to access the pioreactor interface using pioreactor.local nor via the IP address. This fixed the issue :slight_smile:

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Just an update on this specific UI issue (log table missing - it’s actually hidden below the charts): I’ve noticed this occurs when a browser’s magnification is at 90%.

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