Changing the safety threshhold of the pumps

Hi guys,

I am using the Pioreactors with larger volume vials and i am trying to set up a turbidostat experiment.
I wanted to replace 10 or 20 of the 60ml of my culture at a set nOD. But when the time comes i get this warning and the pumps don’t run.
“Stopping all pumping since 82.0 + 0.0 mL is beyond safety threshold 18.0 mL”

How can i increase this safety threshhold?

Btw the new software update with the multi experiment control is amazing!! Thank you for that :slight_smile:

You just need to change the max values in the config file under [dosing_automation.config] to match the larger vial volume/warning volume.

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Ah of course! Thank you, i was just looking at the pump config :face_with_peeking_eye: