Client limit on RPi3A+ local access

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to add 7 pioreactors into a local access point on a leader/worker. For the last couple of weeks, I was only able to add 4 workers into the local acces because the remaining 3 were not getting recognized by the watchdog. However, at some point I tried to change the firmware to minimal as suggested in the issue linked at the local access docs and to my superize I managed to add the remaining 3 workers to the local access ( still not sure if that was the reason though ).

However, to my mistake, I decided to change the local access name and password, so I changed the information under local_access in the config.ini and reflashed all the SD cards of the workers with the new username and password.

After reflashing, the same problem emerged again, meaning only 4 workers were getting recognized by the watchdog, and changing the firmware setup like last time did not make any difference ( and hence my uncertainty for this being worked in the first attempt ).

For now, we got a WIFI router and gained access to all wokers through that instead.

Did anyone encounter a similar issue? or has any idea on the possible solution for the problem?

In advance, thanks for your help in advance!