Error with experiment profile : "why am I here" when I try to add an automation

I tried to write an experiment profile and when I ran it, had the following error : “why am I here”.
After an investigation, it seems that it comes from : pioreactor/actions/leader/ line 446.
In facts, I try to add an automation and update it in my profile and this is probably the breaking point. I even tried to run one of the example profile (31_repeated_temperature_cycle) and had the same error so I guess there were a recent change to identify if an action in a profile is acceptable or not.
Here is my profile with the problematic part:

          - type: update
            hours_elapsed: 2.0
              target_temperature: 32.
          - type: update
            hours_elapsed: 4.0
              target_temperature: 33.
          - type: update
            hours_elapsed: 6.0
              target_temperature: 34.
          - type: update
            hours_elapsed: 8.0
              target_temperature: 35.
          - type: update
            hours_elapsed: 10.0
              target_temperature: 36.

My software is up to date.


Ah, I think you found a bug =(

This is a bit embarrassing as it kinda affects all automations in experiment profiles. I’ll fix and send you a new release you can use to update your Pioreactor.

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Hi @elielD,

Available is a new “development” release that should fix that profile problem. You can download it here:

Here’s how you can update your software with it: Updating the Pioreactor software | Pioreactor Docs

Let me know if that doesn’t work for you!

Thank you very much @CamDavidsonPilon !

It works for me.