Feature Request - Drop-box type file transfer through wifi

Not sure how difficult this would be to implement.

It would be nice if the pi had some folder accessible by other computers on the same network. Maybe it could be a page on pioreactor1.local, and let other computers copy/paste code into each file, or download the file.

Edit: Maybe you could make it similar to how http://pioreactor1.local/config already works.

You could have a dropdown menu that allows access to the different files in the folder location. I select which file I want, and then press an “open” button, and then it would be displayed like the current config window. You could open multiple files at once, press a button to save any changes to a specific window, and also press a button to close any of the windows.

That’s interesting, thanks for the suggestion! What files are you most interested in editing/accessing from the UI? What would your workflow look like if this was implemented?

Probably Python files. It’s inconvenient if I want to copy/paste code in or out of Terminal. I’m comfortable moving/copying files around in Terminal now, so maybe there could be a “WIP” folder (or even ~) to store code that you’re actively working on.

If I wanted, I could create a new *.py file in this WIP directory, paste some code, save, and then start working on it in Vim. If I have a question about some code, I refresh the window to update any recent changes, and I can copy/paste from the web ui to this forum.

I could see config and .yaml files also being potentially convenient, but Python would be most convenient.