Heating automation error

Dear Pioreactor Team,

When the temperature automation of the pioreactors running with turbidostat dosing automation was stopped, the following error log was registered:

Temperature of heating surface has exceeded 66.0℃ - currently 77.19791666666667℃. This is beyond our recommendations. Shutting down Raspberry Pi to prevent further problems. Take caution when touching the heating surface and wetware.

This happened in two different pioreactors in two different experiments, which my colleague described one of the situation as:

Happened after stopping the temperature automation in all the reactors at the same time (i.e., by using Manage Pioreactors) but somehow the temperature kept running (heating constantly). I tried to start a temperature automation to see if it corrected it and the UI showed an error saying the temperature was higher than recommended and it restarted the reactor. The temperature of the reactor was 108ºC.

In addition, I am also informed that both cases occurred after managing the reactors through Manage Pioreactors. Hence, perhaps the situation is associated with group management rather than individual control.

Additional information:
When the events occurred the workers were in the previous software version ( 24.4.3) whereas the leader was in the latest software version ** (24.4.11)**. Now all the workers are updated to 24.4.11, but, no further testing has been done so far to check if the issue still persists.

Yes, we have also seen this bug creep up recently in our internal testing, and we believe we have a solution (it’s hard to reproduce it consistently, hence the difficulty in testing solutions). Sorry about this!

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