How do I set the date and time?


This is a total novice question but I can’t figure it out. Using a Pioreactor is the first time ive ever touched a raspberry pi. My unit can’t connect to the internet because of university rules. How do I get the date and time set correctly on it?


Hi @pmoyniha,

Right, we’ll add this to the docs, but here’s what you do:

  1. SSH into your Pioreactor.
  2. Run
sudo date --set "Thu Nov  2 09:46:50 EDT 2023"

replacing your time there.
3. Confirm by running date - it should show your new date.
4. If date is still showing the wrong time, run timedatectl set-ntp false, and then try step 2. again.

That is amazing thanks!

May want to add to the docs that this will nuke any active runs. I was just messing around so it’s not a big deal, but prob a good disclaimer for your docs.

oh? What did you see? Do jobs just break and throw errors?

The timeline for the graphs read every month of the year as x variables. There was also all kinds of red on the right panel. There was a cryptic error that sadly I didn’t write down. I just quit the run, reloaded the browser window, and all was fine.

I mean - changing the time should violently break a lot of things in unexpected ways. :+1: I’ll add to the docs that a shutdown / power-cycle should probably follow, too.