Installed plugin via ssh; not appearing in UI


I’m running the pioreactor thru a local access point and thus don’t have access to internet. I’m trying to install the led-calibration-plugin to run the algae day/night cycle program (docs are misleading btw, says to run the day/night plugin which doesn’t seem to exist and then also elsewhere says to run led_cycle plugin). I’m assuming the led-calibration one is correct?

Anyways, I finally managed to figure out how to install this locally via sftp / ssh and got a message in the UI log confirming it was installed successfully. When I go to the plugins page, however, it doesn’t appear. When I list the installed plugins in the plugins folder via ssh it says that the plugin is installed but also that there is an error getting the name or something due to some internal python file (sorry i dont have the text now and i am a noob at this).

Any tips?

Hi @lotusblood,

Thanks for the head’s up on the docs - we’ll review them this week to clean them up.

I’m curious what that error is - it’s possible there is an error in the installation (we’ll also review tomorrow) that is causing it not to show up.

i am a noob at this

we all are! It gets easier and more fluent over time :slight_smile:

When you SSH into the Pioreactor, does pio run led_calibration execute, or is an error thrown?

@lotusblood, ah yes, there is an import error in the most version, which explains why you are seeing an error message and not seeing the plugin in the list.

led_calibration_plugin plugin load error: cannot import name 
'publish_ready_to_disconnected_state' from 'pioreactor.utils'

I’ll fix this now, and create a new release + instructions for you.

I’ve just added a new version, 1.3.0, to our repository. Download the Build distribution file here, and upload it to your Pioreactor.

Then, on your Pioreactor’s command line, enter:

pio plugins install led-calibration-plugin --source led_calibration_plugin-1.3.0-py3-none-any.whl

That should overwrite the previous installation, and reinstall the new one:

Finally, the led-calibration-plugin provides a new automation, calibrated_light_dark_cycle, which uses light calibration curves from a new job led_calibration.

By default, the Pioreactor ships with a basic version light_dark_cycle, which doesn’t use any calibration curves. This should be available by default under LED Automations.

Post installation, you’ll see something like:

fantastic cam, thank you so much!