Killing jobs/automations

I tried starting a new experiment, but I don’t think it is killing the temperature automation/job properly. How can I view a list of currently running jobs/automations and kill one of them if desired?

When I try to start the thermometer automation, it is telling me the temperature automation is already running and then exits.

18:09:06 pioreactor1 temperature automation temperature_automation is already running. Exiting.

The other jobs (stirring, OD, Growth rate) are working and don’t give me this error. I haven’t tried the dosing automation yet.

Hm, I suspect there is a state problem somewhere.

First, if you run ps x, do you see pio run temperature_automation? I suspect not. If so, you can kill -9 that entry.

EDIT: removed some text here as it wasn’t correct. I will update.

I think this might have been because the job wasn’t properly terminated when I hit end experiment.

Was there an error message that accompanied this? (An SSH failed, perhaps?) - I’ll look into reinforcing this path.

Actually I think there is a bug in how ending an experiment is behaving. Looking into it.

I do not see that there (I do see stirring, od_reading, and growth_rate_calculating).

Yeah, I think it might be due to ending the previous experiment.

Hotfix 23.3.2 is released with a fix in for this.

Thanks, got it working.