LED Automation Error

Hey there!
I’m running my first algae experiment and using the LED Automation plugin. Both lights are turning on and off with the OD reading. Seems to be working but seeing the following message.

get automation contrib
Yaml error in calibrated_light_dark_cycle.yaml: Object missing required field default - at $.fields[1]

Whoops, like like a small error in one of our plugin’s yaml files. If you are comfortable with editing files on your Raspberry Pi (happy to help here, too), you can make the following change:

In the file /var/www/pioreactorui/contrib/automations/led/calibrated_light_dark_cycle.yaml, add the highlighted-green line:

display_name: Calibrated Light/Dark Cycle
automation_name: calibrated_light_dark_cycle
source: led_calibration_plugin
description: Turns on a 16h:8h light/dark cycle based on LED calibrations.
  - key: duration
    default: 60
    unit: min
    label: Duration between checks
  - key: light_intensity
+   default: 0
    unit: AU
    label: Light intensity
  - key: light_duration_hours
    default: 16
    unit: h
    label: Light duration
  - key: dark_duration_hours
    default: 8
    unit: h
    label: Dark duration

(but without the + sign!).

After saving the file, wait ~30s for the cache to expire and try refreshing the page.

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Otherwise, if you aren’t interested in using the led-calibration-plugin, you can uninstall the plugin, and this error should disappear.

We’ll fix the plugin and push a new version this week that eliminates this bug.

Edit: the plugin is now fixed. 1. The error should be gone, 2. you should be able to see the LED calibration Day-Night cycle automation in your UI.

Thank you @CamDavidsonPilon!