Manage pioreactors bug

Hi everyone,

Stirring bug
I tried to stop the stirring of the pioreactors through Manage Pioreactors in the user interface and I manage to stop all the fans. However, when I go into the Pioreactors individually, I can see that some Pioreactors were stuck at running state as:

I tried to click STOP, however, it only keeps the loading sign on and remains at this state. Just to be clear, the Pio fas were not running, it is just the sign gets stuck at this state

Dosing bug
In a different way, the same thing also happens with the dosing of the Pioreactors. When I try to start media addition or waste removal from the Manage Pioreactors none of the Pioreactors start. However, if I go individually, then both of the options (media addition and waste removal) works. In addition, although using Manage Pioreactors did not work to start the pumps, it did work to stop them.

Hence, I assume these instances to be bug, though I do not know if this is an personal issue, so if anyone else also had a similar issue it might be worth to check it.

Thanks for reporting these. It sounds like two separate issues. The first is that the stirring didn’t clean up correctly (possibly we have a solution for this in the next release). I’ll try to repro this one locally.

The dosing look like a bug in our UI sending the wrong command when using “Manage all”. I’ve found it and fixed it for the next release (this week).

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