New Pioreactor release: 23.1.2

New release day! FYI new releases are frequent now because, post-launch, our users are finding lots of the bugs we purposely hid in our software :wink:


  • fix pio update bugs
  • new config for [logging] section, console_log_level which control which level of logging to show on the command line (does not effect logs in the database, or disk)
  • systemd services should boot in a better order
  • the latest experiment from the database is always the most recently inserted experiment, ignoring the created_at column (i.e. we use ROWID). This is to avoid cases where users change times (or use a local access point).
  • Fixes for fraction_of_volume_that_is_alternative_media chart in the UI

In your Pioreactor UI, visit Updates in the left sidebar.

and click on “Update to latest release” in the top right corner:

Problems? Let me know here or at

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