New Pioreactor Release: 23.11.08


  • fix bug in timeout in Stirrer.block_until_rpm_is_close_to_target that wasn’t using time correctly.

  • Workers can now also be the local-access-point (aka the “router” in a network). Previously only leaders could.

  • Experiment profiles now support a log directive with some dynamic templating:

       - type: log
         hours_elapsed: 0.025
           message: "{job} increasing to 800 RPM" # alerts the message: "stirring increasing to 800 RPM"

    See full example here.

  • Experiment profiles now supports changing LEDs like any other job (i.e. they can use start, update and stop directives). See example here.

  • Experiment profile clean up. I think there are less bugs!

  • pio clear_cache now has an as_int option to look for ints - useful when clearing caches with ints as keys.

  • fix issue where if an extra config.ini was provided in the /boot dir before a worker startup, adding the worker to a cluster would fail due to a permission issue.

  • potential fix for RPi 3B and RPi Zeros not connecting to hotspots: change the proto to wpa in your config.ini on the Pioreactor with the local-access-point, and restart that Pioreactor. You config.ini should look like:


    Changing to WPA does weaken the security however! It’s easier for unwanted users to get onto this wifi

    A more robust solution is in the works for RPi 3B and Zeros.

  • Slight change to the API initialization of ADCReader. Take a look if you were using that class.

How to update?

Update guides are available here