New Pioreactor release: 23.11.28 and 23.11.29

There was a UI-export bug in a previous version that we hotfixed in 23.11.29. Cheers!


  • fix for exporting data from the UI


Breaking changes


  • Both “Target OD” and “Target nOD” displayed and editable in the UI.
  • Previously, if the LED channel was locked (most common when OD reading was running), then any changes to the LED intensity (via the UI) would be silently rejected. This is changed: we have added retry logic that will attempt to keep changing it a few more times (hopefully to avoid the lock)
  • Added some light form validation in the automations dialog in the UI.
  • New environment variable to skip loading plugins, SKIP_PLUGINS. Useful for debugging. Ex:
    SKIP_PLUGINS=1 pio run stirring
  • elements in the field array in automation yamls now can include a type option (numeric or string for now). Default is numeric if not specified.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix experiment profile validation error
  • The “Stop” button is always available now in the “Dosing” tab for “Manage all Pioreactors”.
  • Fix for Ngrok remote access.
  • Fixed a race condition between starting an automation and not getting OD data in time.
  • The automation form in the UI for pid_morbidostat was missing volume, that’s been added now.

How to upgrade

See our instructions here.