New Pioreactor release: 23.12.11



  • Improvements to OD calibration and pump calibrations. Both now have a -f option to provide a json file with calibration data, to skip rerunning data-gathering routines. For example: pio run pump_calibration -f pump_data.json.
  • Ability to update via our release_archives (available on the Github release page) via the UI. To turn this feature off (which is a recommended practice when you expose your UI publically), add an empty file called DISALLOW_UI_UPLOADS to the ~/.pioreactor directory.

  • A new config option to change the max volume to dose when a larger dose volume is split. For example, if your chemostat asks to dose 1.6ml, our internal algorithm will dose 0.75, 0.75 and 0.1 (this is to avoid overflow). The 0.75 was previously hardcoded, but is now a config max_subdose under section [dosing_automation.config] (default is still 0.75ml).
  • Changes to types.DosingProgram, now it requires an MQTT client. Usually this is automation.pub_client. This is to avoid a memory leak!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an problem where an automation would not successfully end due to it being “blocked” by a while loop in the execute.
  • Fixed a memory leak in dosing control when the automation would pump many many times.

How to update?

Update guides are available here

If you encountered an error with an update script, I just fixed it. You can rerun the update to try again.