New Pioreactor release: 23.5.16


  • UX improvements to pio run pump_calibration
  • monitor is more robust, so as to give users better access to information instead of hard-failing.
  • monitor now checks for access to web service
  • monitor now checks the voltage on the PWM rail and will alert if falls to much. If not using the an AUX power supply, this is directly tied to the RPi’s power supply.
  • monitor also publishes the read voltage as a published setting. This is available in the /pioreactor card under System in the UI.
  • sqlite3worker is now vendored in the core app. This means we can publish on PyPI.
  • improved systemctl start up.
  • added [dosing_automation] section to config.ini (existing users will have to add this manually), with an option pause_between_subdoses_seconds to control how long to wait between sub doses (these are the smaller doses that make up a larger dose, i.e. 0.5ml + 0.5ml = 1.0ml). Default is 5 seconds.

Beta feature: Pioreactor experiment profiles

Also shipping this version is early support for experiment profiles. What are they? They are “scripts” that will start, stop, pause, resume, update jobs and actions without user interaction. They are defined with a yaml file, according to the following spec (subject to change):

For examples of yaml files, see the repo: GitHub - Pioreactor/experiment_profile_examples

To use a profile, save the yaml file to your leader Pioreactor. Run it with pio run execute_experiment_profile <path_to_yaml>. Note that killing the execute_experiment_profile will only stop execution of upcoming actions, and won’t stop any jobs that have already started from the profile.

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