New Pioreactor release: 23.6.7



Everything else

  • New API for experiment profiles: pio run experiment_profile, with subcommands execute and verify. So what use to be pio run execute_experiment_profile <filename> is now: pio run experiment_profile execute <filename>. The verify subcommand is for checking the yaml file for errors.
  • new leader CLI command: pios cp <filepath> will move a file on your leader to the entire cluster. This is useful for distributing plugins and Python wheels across your workers.
  • plugins can now add and bash scripts.
  • added [stirring] option duration_between_updates_seconds to config, default is 23.0.
  • PIDMorbidostat has a configuration parameter [dosing_automation.pid_morbidostat].minimum_dosing_volume_ml (default 0.1). If a calculated volume to be dosed is less than this parameter, then it’s set to 0.0 instead.
  • adding --manually flag to pump actions, ex: pio run add_media --ml 1 --manually. This doesn’t run the pump, but still fires a dosing event, which downstream jobs listen to (ex: saves to database, will update metrics).


In your Pioreactor UI, visit Updates in the left sidebar.

and click on “Update to latest release” in the top right corner:

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