New Pioreactor release: 24.2.11

A slightly minor release, but we thought the UI buttons were so nice we wanted to get them out to you faster. See video below:


  • boot-up performance improvements
  • job start performance improvements
  • improved RPM calculation for lower RPMs.
  • Added buttons to the Overview UI to change common settings.

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Absolutely love this, well done @CamDavidsonPilon

I realise there isn’t UI for it, and there possibly isn’t capability for end time, but…

something that I’d find really useful would be the ability to add an end time for graphs. So I can do an experiment, and then pull graphs from various stages without having to do all the screen shots during the experiment. That way we could produce presentations on experiments without needing to either take a gazillion unused screenshots or having to resort to excel for graphing.

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@Martin, what are your thoughts on the current zoom feature in the Past Experiments page? How much does that satisfy what you are looking for?

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