New Pioreactor release: 24.3.10

Cameron’s note: I know, I know, it’s been a high frequency of releases the last ~month. This is temporary. Two things are happening. The first is that we are pushing to clean up old code to achieve feature satisfaction for users and improve performance. However, lots of code change always introduces new bugs. Ideally those bugs are caught early - but not always.

Just as a reassurance, our core code base is currently 20 880 lines of Python, of which 6835 (32%) of those lines are testing code. Still bugs can slip through, but then we write new tests to protect against those bugs, and so on.



  • For better consistency between Pioreactors, we’ve introduced a new configuration option that will automatically adjust the IR LED intensity to match a target value in the reference photodiode, at the start of OD reading. This means that if your IR LEDs are slightly different between Pioreactors, the IR LED output will be adjusted to match a hardcoded value. To enable this feature, change the [od_config] config parameter ir_led_intensity value to auto. For new installs, this is the default configuration. This shouldn’t change your actual OD readings very much (since we normalize raw PD by REF, and increase or decrease in REF is balanced by increase or decrease in PD), but it will make analysis easier.
  • Significant UI performance improvements: we are use less MQTT clients, which should mean faster loading, less network overhead, and overall lower resource-usage.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes updating automations in experiment profiles

How to update

hey, when i want to update to this version i am getting a warning for each pioreactor saying:

WARNING Unable to set versions in monitor. versions is read-only.

but when i check for the version, it says its 24.3.10.

should i be concerned about this warning or not?


Hi @LeoKleym,

Yes ignore it. It’s a temporary warning (we made versions write-able in this release!). A power-cycle is a good idea after updating, but not necessary.