New Pioreactor release: 24.3.4 (hotfix patch)

There were some bugs in the last release, mostly around the UI’s use of MQTT. See below for bug fixes. We suggest all users using version 24.2.26 (the previous release) to update to this version.



  • reusing more MQTT clients internally => faster job startup and less network overhead

Bug fixes

  • using the archive upload method to update Pioreactors had a bug when distributing the archive to workers on the cluster. That has been fixed. The first time, you archive update may fail. But it should succeed the second time.
  • fix UI bug that was preventing real-time data from showing up in some custom charts.
  • fix UI bug that was causing a stale datum to appear in charts.
  • To avoid downstream permission issues, pio can’t be run as root. That is, sudo pio ... will fail.
  • a typo prevented od_config.smoothing_penalizer from being used internally. This is fixed.
  • some retry logic for fixing “lost” state in the UI.
  • fixed numerous MQTT connections from accumulating in the UI

How to update?

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