New Pioreactor release: 24.5.13


We recommend you be on 24.5.1 first before upgrading to this version!


  • UI chart legend’s will support more than 8 Pioreactors.
  • UI chart colors are consistent across charts in the Overview.
  • reduce the severity of some messages, so there will be less pop-ups in the UI.
  • UI performance improvements.
    • Upgraded to React 18.3.1
    • Removed unused dependencies
  • UI’s code sections use syntax-highlighting and other nicer features for editing yaml and ini files.
  • App performance improvements
    • Upgrade paho-mqtt to 2.1
    • faster pio kill
    • faster job start from UI
  • more humane error messages.
  • updated temperature inference model.
  • added exponentiation ** to profile expressions. Ex: ${{ pio1:growth_rate_calculating:growth_rate.growth_rate ** 0.5 }}
  • added random() to profile expressions. This returns a number between 0 and 1. Ex: ${{ 25 + 25 * random() }}

Bug fixes

  • fix pio plugins not working on workers.
  • fix enable_dodging_od=0 for background jobs that can dodge OD.
  • fix PWM jobs not cleaning up correctly if too many jobs try to end at the same time.
  • fix pio kill not returning the correct count of jobs being killed.
  • fix older Pioreactor HATs, with the ADS1115 chip, not have the method from_voltage_to_raw_precise.
  • fix “Manage all” not sending the correct dosing command to workers.

How to upgrade?