New Pioreactor release: 24.5.22

:wave: new release time! This is mostly a bug-fix release, but there’s also a nice performance increase.



  • Significant performance increase by using force_turbo=1 in the Raspberry Pi. Expect a noticeable improvement in interacting with the Pioreactor. This pushes the Pi to always run “hot” (but we aren’t overclocking). This does slightly increase the Pi’s internal temperature, so be wary about putting the Pioreactor in very hot environment. This settings requires a reboot to take affect.
  • adding support for changing the port and protocol of the Pioreactor UI webserver in the software. Add the following to your config.ini:
    This doesn’t set the port and proto, that involves changing settings in the lighttpd configuration.

Bug fixes

  • more sane defaults for OD reading for v1.1 when using auto.
  • fix pios plugins uninstall
  • fix leader not correctly being identified in pio workers status
  • For RPi Zero W (first gen), sometimes the load_rp2040 script was failing. A new script will retry a few times. This only applies to new images.
  • fix pio workers update-active using the wrong HTTP verb.
  • Fix using ethernet cable to connect Pioreactor to a router: a new simple ethernet nmconnection has been added, and has higher connection priority than the PioreactorLocalLink nmconnection.
  • Fix race conditions occurring between stirring and growth-rate when they were started too quickly.

Known issues

  • When the local access point would start on a fresh boot, the SSID would start as pioreactor, and then change to pioreactor-<leader-name> after the next reboot.

How to update?

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