New Pioreactor release: 24.5.31


We recommend being on version atleast 24.5.1 before upgrading!


  • New /pioreactor/worker-name page in the UI for a detailed view of an individual Pioreactor, including a realtime visualization of the Pioreactor!


  • UI now supports external MQTT broker. This configuration lives in the same place as the existing MQTT settings: in the config.ini, under [mqtt].
  • Added groupings on the Experiment drop down to organize “Active” and “Inactive” experiments. An active experiment has >= 1 Pioreactor assigned to it.

Breaking changes

  • New log topic that partitions by the level. This should make subscribers to the log topic slimmer (like the UI, who previosly would have to accept all messages and filter to what they needed). Should result in a performance increase.

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Pioreactors page when no workers are added to the cluster.
  • Fix for UI labels when trying to remove labels from Pioreactors.
  • Improvements to REF self-tests.

How to update?

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Sorry, there was a brief window between 12pm and 4:26pm (time of writing this) that an older Python wheel was advertised as the latest. If you updated between that time, you may want to update again. To check: your software version will say “24.5.22.dev0” if you downloaded the wrong Python wheel. (Even if you do have this version, the error is actually harmless, I just labelled the latest software wrong).

Visualization looks great. Makes a gui feel more like a gui