New Pioreactor releases: 24.1.9 & 24.1.12

24.1.12 is a hotfix for 24.1.9 to work with Raspberry Pi 5s :slight_smile:



  • optimized performance and memory consumption of experiment profiles.

Bug fixes

  • fix initial state of boolean switches in UI.
  • fix Raspberry Pi 5 not addressing PWMs correctly.



  • Initial support for RPi5! To use an RPi5, we recommend not upgrading the software, but using a fresh image install. Under the hood:
    • we are using a new route to load the firmware on the HATs RP2040 (using linuxgpio)
    • the hardware PWMs on the RPi5 use a different chip location. This required a new rpi_hardware_pwm release.
  • new ENV variable, HAT_PRESENT=1, can be set to skip is_HAT_present checks.
  • added the RPis unique MAC addresses to the Manage -> System tab on the Pioreactors page.
  • added table ir_led_intensities to be able to be exported on the Exports page.
  • added a new smoothing_penalizer config option to [od_config]. This parameter, which has default value 700, controls how much smoothing to apply to optical density measurements. This smoothing has always been applied, but now it’s a config option.
  • Cleaned up some UI interactions

Breaking changes

  • PWM class is no longer initialized with a duty_cycle, instead:
  • PWM class must be started with start(initial_duty_cyle)
  • moved get_rpi_machine to pioreactor.version

Bug fixes

How to update?

Update guides are available here