New Pioreactor software release: 23.6.27



Update to development branches
  • The UI now offers a way to upgrade to the bleeding-edge Pioreactor app and UI software, called “development”. This software is unstable (and fun!).

Better thermostat
  • Improved temperature inference accuracy.
  • After some testing, we’ve found that the following set of PID parameters for temperature_automation.thermostat works better¹ than the previous set of parameters:

This set now ships with all new installations of Pioreactor software. Existing users can update their parameters in the config.ini

¹ Better == less thermal runaways, less sensitive to shocks, similar overshoot and settling time.

Everything else

  • On startup, the Raspberry Pi will write its IP address to a text file /boot/ip. This means that if you (carefully) remove the SD card, you should be able see the IP address (hopefully it hasn’t changed).
  • Fixed source in BackgroundJobContrib - thanks @odcambc!
  • pio add-pioreactor will now accept an option that is the password of the RPi being added (default: raspberry). Ex: pio add-pioreactor worker1 -p mypass
  • Improved some warning and error messages.
  • Improved watchdog detecting and fixing “lost” Pioreactors.
  • Starting to test software against Python 3.11, in anticipation of a Python 3.11 coming to Raspberry Pi OS.
  • Improvements to bash scripts to make them more robust.
  • Adding pios rm <filepath> to remove a file across the cluster.
  • Adding -r option to pio update. Example: pio update <x> -r <repo> to install from a repo (default is Pioreactor’s repos).
  • structs.ODCalibration has a new schema, inferred_od600s is now od600s. See pioreactor.structs.


In your Pioreactor UI, visit Updates in the left sidebar.

and click on “Update to latest release” in the top right corner:

Problems? Let me know here or at