New plugins for Adafruit sensor add-ons

I created two more plugins, each for a type of Adafruit sensor attachment:

CO2 reading plugin

The Adafruit SCD30 or SCD40/41 are CO2, temperature, and humidity sensors that can be attached to the Pioreactor via stemma QT. Use this plugin to retrieve either all readings or just CO2 readings. You can set the amount of minutes between readings, too!

On your command line: pio install-plugin co2-reading-plugin

Spectrometer reading plugin

The Adafruit AS7341 is a spectrometer, meaning it returns the total amount of light present and also amount of each light at 8 different wavelengths (ranging from 415 to 680). It looks and attaches in the same way as the previous sensor. This plugin records a normalized value reading from the spectrometer in between OD readings on your Pioreactor.

On your command line: pio install-plugin spectrometer-reading-plugin

Like my previous two plugins, you can see and install both on the Pioreactor web interface, in the Plugins tab. We ordered some chips, but these won’t arrive for a few weeks, so we’ll update once we’re able to test the plugins properly.