Pioreactor design

Dear Pioreactor Team,

Is there a plan to have an improved design for the:

  1. Type A Vial opening (i.e., the circle on the top)
  2. Pioreactor window plate (i.e, the rectangular plastic to cover the glass vial in the Pioreactor top compartment)

From my personal experience, I can write that:

  1. Type A Vial Opening: Screwing and unscrewing is difficult as the tubings does not make too much space to grip the circle. Hence, would it be possible to implement a click/unclick mechanism?

  2. Pioreactor Window Plate: It is really useful to be able to open the plate to see vortex formed at the stated RPM, as personally I have found that different Pioreactors would require different RPM values to generate similar vortex formation. Hence, would it be possible to design window paltes which have “U” shape to cover the side openings and use magnets to stick to the reactor instead of screws?

Hi @sharknaro thanks for the suggestions. We’ll take this into consideration in future designs