Pioreactor limit on the OD plot

Dear Pioreactor Team,

It seems there is a limit of 8 Pioreactors to be plotted in the user interface (UI) plots, which in cases someone runs with > 8 Pioreactors, the plot lines for Pioreactors above the 8th Pioreactor (so Pioreactor 9 and above) cannot be removed from the plots as there is no legend bubble generated for them. As it can be seen in the picture below, after closing 8 Pioreactors involved in the plots, I am still having the remaning 8 Pioreactor lines illustrated in the OD plot.

Hence, it will be an amazing update to allow more pioreactors to be controlled in the UI plots.

Oh weird, we’ll look into this and have a fix shortly. Thanks for the report!

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Here’s a demo of a fix working in develop version: we’ll push shortly.

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