Powering clusters?

I’m curious what more hardware-attuned folks might suggest for powering a cluster of pioreactors, including pumps. Ideally we won’t need a pair of wall wart for each unit. Safety, stability, and reliability are also important factors.

Roughly, per reactor:

  • 5V: 1x Pi, ~2-3 A
  • 12V:
    • 1x hat (what does this draw?)
    • 3x pumps, 0.2-0.3 A max draw each
    • (Maybe!) N pinch valves (~0.25-0.75 A max draw, maybe less with hit and hold circuits)

So something like 3-5 A, 20-30 W per reactor. Would a PC PSU work best?

I just bought these 12V breakout USB C cable from Adafruit. I’m thinking that a good USB C Hub would be plenty to power the RPis and Hats of my 2x Pioreactor’s supplying both 5v and 12v.

Good idea/bad?