Recorded null temperature. Is the Pt1000 probe connected?

Does anyone know this error code:

Recorded null temperature. Is the Pt1000 probe connected?

And know s what to do about it?

This error is from the temperature expansion kit plugin - and could occur if there is a problem with the PT1000 probe or TEK HAT. Are you using the temperature expansion kit or it’s plugin?


ah yes it was installed because i ordered one and thought i could already install the plugin…i’ll try again without the plugin, thanks:)

uninstalling the package worked. Just wondering what will happen if i use the temp expansion kit that will arrive the next days and reinstall the package?

Weird thing now is, i started another test run, so the temperature is being recorded now and i don’t get any error codes, but i set the temp. to 37 °C and the temperature is just being recorded but it stays at 25 °C (for the last 3 hours) even though i changed the temp automation to 37 °C…I don’t get any error codes and i think the pio think its heating but its not? don’t know whats happening now, any ideas?

It’s very likely because when you installed the plugin, it modified your config.ini, and you probably need to revert the config.ini back (uninstalling does not do this automatically). Confirm the following config.ini settings:


that was it…thanks for the fast reply