Releasing the Pioreactor 20ml v1.1

:wave: We are happy to release a (minor) iteration of the Pioreactor, we’re calling it the Pioreactor 20ml v1.1! Here’s a list of the changes:

  • New vial holder, composed of two parts. The bottom made from a high-temperature plastic (PC-CF), which allows you to safely raise the temperature even higher in your Pioreactor.
  • New window placement that allows for better monitoring of low-volume cultures.
  • More legible text on the vial holder.
  • Improved optical design that will improve upon sheltering the photodiodes from stray light.
  • New liquid protection for the onboard circuit boards
  • New top faceplate with more legible text, and better button access.
  • Stronger agitation by moving the magnets closer to the stir bar.

Following the style of other hardware companies, we’re selling an upgrade kit for existing v1.0 users. It’s not a necessary upgrade, but does make a big improvement for your Pioreactor v1.0 (no more Temperature of heating surface has exceeded... errors!). Our upgrade docs are here.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about the new v1.1 below!


Would it be possible to sell each half by themselves?

Hi @kradical,

Do you mean sell the top and bottom piece separately? Why might you prefer this? (Also the other components are required: o-rings, hardware, and new top-faceplate).

Thank you for the quick response!
I wanted to see if the top and bottom were sold separately because we were considering printing the top half with the filament we have already and just buy the bottom more heat resistant component since we don’t have the PC-CF filament. I had not realized that there was the other hardware components so that answers my question.

Ohh - this is exciting! =)

Awesome to see improved hardware.

I know there was discussion before about larger vials (eg. 100mL) - do you know if that’s still at thing?

Hi @victorhooi! We are still planning on a 40ml version, likely for later this year or early next year!