Replacement Tubing for Pumps

I was looking through the pioreactor website products and found there was replacement tubing for the pumps. I was just wondering if there was something to look out for to replace the tubing, such as leaking or changes in calibration? I haven’t had any issues so far but I was just curious to be on top of it for when it could happen.

Good question - the tubing will eventually wear out after ~hundreds of hours of the pump being “on”. I’ve only ever had tubing fail when I had the pump at 100% power and left on for a few days.

Note that the tubing is different from the regular tubing 1/8" OD 1/16th ID tubing we use for other products. You’ll need 1mm ID, ~3.5mm OD tubing (the OD can vary between 3.00mm and 4.00mm in reality).