Running a large cluster

I’m setting up a fairly large pioreactor cluster for a course that I am running (16 reactors). I’ve got a small cluster running now (on pi zero 2W’s), and have noticed that with each added worker the setup gets increasingly laggy. I assume that a more powerful pi running as the leader may help. Is that the case? If so, would a 3B be sufficient for 16 pioreactors or should I look at a 4? And how much memory (2GB, 4GB, more?).

Also, the cluster documentation seems to suggest that you can have a dedicated pi for a leader (e.g. without the pioreactor hardware added). Is that a better option for larger clusters?

Hi Bryan,

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Likely you’ll start to experience more lag as your cluser expands, especially over WIFI. Here are some ideas to improve performance (in no particular order).

  1. Offload the WIFI to a separate dedicated WIFI router, and connect all your Pioreactors to this router. I can supply a command you can run on each Pi to reconnect to this new network.

  2. Bumping up the leader to an RPi3 or RPi4 is a good idea, probably even worth it to buy a RPi4 (even an RPi5 if you really want to see performance improvements). I would say 2GB of RAM is fine. If you go for a RPi4 or RPi5, you have the option to connect a monitor + mouse + keyboard to the leader and control the cluster from there.

  3. A dedicated leader is a good option: we produce leader-only images that can be used: the option here is what you are looking for. A dedicated leader means it can spend more time handling requests and networking vs spinning a fan, etc.

The pioreactors are on their own dedicated wifi network, and are connecting to it fine.

I think a dedicated leader on a pi 3B or 4 is probably a good option for us. I have a couple of questions about that option:

  1. If I get a 3B or 4, they have a LAN port - would I see a speed improvement if I plug the leader directly into the wireless router rather than connect via wifi? The workers would still connect to the router via wifi.

  2. If I run these as a leader-only, can they run as a stand-alone computer (e.g. in a case), or do they need to be installed into a pioreactor with the header board/etc?

Yes definitely, I should have suggested that as well.

They can be stand-alone. The hardware is only required when they are a worker.