Self test button disappeared

I ran self test on P04 worker Pioreactor and at the end of the test, the self test button disappeared for this specific worker (as shown in the picture below).

I tried 1) rebooting the worker 2) rebooting the leader 3) removing the reactor from config.ini to add the reactor again. However, all the attempts failed.

Does anyone know what can be the issue and how to tackle it?

In advance, thanks for your help!

that’s weird. If could be a UI bug? Try refreshing the page? I’ll investigate though. For now, you can run self tests on the command line with:

pio run self_test
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It looks like the case

I tried this but it had no effect

Thanks for sharing this Cameron!

Is this command available in the pio --help because I also thought using the command line however did not know the command so I tried ´pio self-test´ but did not end up successful as you would assume :))

Hence, it would be beneficial to provide 1a) an argument for pio run self_test in the Running a self-test section or 1b) a link to direct the users Advanced → Command line interface section.

I can now comfirm that running pio run self_test in the command line fixed the issue and the Run button appeared again!

pio --help is close, you also needed to specify the run subcommand:

pio run --help
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I think I know what happened, fix coming in the next release. Small bug! Thanks for reporting!

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