Struggling to get an air bubbler working!

Hi team,
I’ve got a small air pump I’ve wired and connected to PWM channel 2, which I think the air bubbler plugin (I have the latest version installed) is mapped to, but I’m struggling to get it to do anything. I’ve tried just turning it on in the UI, but get the following message:
Is there something I need to change in the config files?
Maybe it would be easier if I just told the PCB to run power to PWM 2? If so how would I do this?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry it’s my fault! In my pursuit to fix Air_bubbler plugin OD dodging issue - #6 by rafik.n, I ctrl-f-replaced a config option too aggressively.

I just uploaded a 0.4.2 version. Try uninstalling the one you have, and then reinstalling it.

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That’s working now, thanks so much!