Temperature automation errors


I’ve been running a series of turbidostat experiments for the last two weeks, and the temperature I am trying to maintain in all three pioreactor is 37 degrees. However, for my last two experiments, the pioreactors seem to be running into errors where the temperature appears to exceed safety limits, causing them to revert to the only_record_temperature settings or outright shut down and thus stop the experiment.

The issue is that I checked the heating pads with a digital thermometer, and the hottest temperature I could measure was 42 degrees, a substantial difference from the “66.175” or “101.5” degrees that the pioreactors tell me they have measured.

I have attached a screenshot of one of the errors below (I can’t attach more than one photo)

Also myturbidostat experiments take place overnight and since I am utilising a remote access point, I can’t be in person and power-cycle the pioreactors again, so effectively growth significantly slows down, or if the leader “exceeds” safety limits, it shut downs and the experiment is ruined.

I am quite unsure what is causing this, as the temperatures were stable at 37 degrees only two experiments ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @ucl_star, welcome!

102C sounds pretty wild! I can’t imagine that’s actually possible. Can you send me the log export from that experiment? To cam@pioreactor.com? This log data can also help me understand other issues you are experiencing.

Hi, thank you for your help!

I’ll send you the log report on Monday, as I’m out of the lab for the weekend :slight_smile: