Two alternative calibration plugins

In the process of setting up and calibrating a cluster, we found some of the default workflows less suited for doing several at once. I wrote two plugins to help us handle this, and hopefully others might find them useful.

The first is an offline pump calibration tool to allow users to measure a set of timed dosings on their own and fit the results. PWM and duty cycling handling could be an issue, particularly if users have previously changed PWM frequency. Making this a bit simpler is on the todo.

Next is a standards-based OD calibration plugin. The idea is you can make a set of standards in vials and work with those rather than diluting each sample all the way down.

I have done some initial testing with these but there may be bugs.

These are on pypi and the OD calibration can be installed from a pioreactor by running pio install-plugin od_standards_calibration_plugin. The pump calibration should be available shortly.

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This is just the best! We initially designed the calibrations with the goal: “make it easy for our R&D lab to perform”, but we knew that was not sufficient for others. I’m really glad to see new routines developed using our plugin platform!

I’m going to give these a try!