Two new upgrades for your Pioreactor

Hello! Today we announced two new upgrades to your Pioreactor:

Temperature Expansion Upgrade Kit

This is the first of our line of upgrade kits that adds new hardware to your Pioreactor. The kit includes a new HAT that has an MAX31865 chip, and connectors for a Pt1000 thermoprobe (also included).

Upgrading your Pioreactor with this kit helps you get higher, more stable, and more accurate temperatures in your culture. For example: sometimes during dosing, the temperature will quickly drop due to the addition of colder media. With this new hardware, the Pioreactor can react and stabilize the temperature again quicker.

Read more about our stacked HAT mechanic here.

High-Temp Upgrade Kit

The base Pioreactor has a PLA body, and this limits how hot we can let the heating PCB get. By replacing the body with the PC-CF plastic pieces in the High-temp Upgrade Kit, you can let your heating PCB get to much higher temperatures. With the two kits above, I was able to reach 57.5C in the culture with ambient temperature only being 27C.

Read more about this upgrade kit here.