Upcoming UI addition: viewing past experiments

Hello! We will soon launch a much-asked-for feature in our next Pioreactor software release: viewing past experiments in the UI!

This only displays historical data (no restarting old experiments or editing them), and is meant as a “catalog” of your previous experiments. You can select the experiment, and graphs you would like to see. Nothing here changes your current experiment, or activities on your Pioreactor(s).

Here’s an initial UI:

Anything else you would like to see? Let us know here!


Also added, the ability to zoom into charts! Zooming is hard (performance-wise) when you have updating data (like on the Overview) - that’s why we’ve avoided implementing it. But historical data is not changing - so we can add zoom functionality here without compromising performance!

Apr-12-2023 17-14-51

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Very nice features! Thank you for the work that went into this

Thanks @dmorehead1988! We have more features coming, too.

This UI was something we have used internally and really found useful, and now want to share with the the community.

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