New Pioreactor releases: 23.2.6 and 23.2.8

Note: There was a bug in 23.2.6, so a hotfix patch, 23.2.8, was released.


Bug fix

  • Fix error in growth rate calculating job that prevented it from starting.


New features

  • Watchdog job now listens for new workers that join the network and are not part of the cluster. A NOTICE message is logged and sent to the UI.
  • Initial API support for adding more pumps to the Pioreactor. See docs here.
  • Time series charts are now able to be added the the UI via contrib folders. Put a yaml file under ~/.pioreactor/plugins/ui/contrib/charts. See examples here.
  • New roll-up table available to be exported from the UI: Pioreactor unit activity data roll-up. This is a rolled-up of Pioreactor unit activity data rolled up to every minute, so it should be about one order of magnitude less data versus the original table.

API changes

  • Pioreactor UI has a more RESTful API, so some internal urls have changed. See full new API here. UI version >= 23.2.0 required.
  • SummableList is replaced with SummableDict
  • execute_io_action returns a dictionary now (instead of a list).
  • Config: Removed daily_growth_rate from [ui.overview.settings]
  • Config: Added implied_daily_growth_rate under [ui.overview.charts]
  • Dropped pio run-always. Jobs just use pio run now.


In your Pioreactor UI, visit Updates in the left sidebar.

and click on “Update to latest release” in the top right corner:

Problems? Let me know here or at

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